The Benefits of Regular IT Health Checks

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Do you really know the efficiency of your operating system, network devices, backups and storage?

An IT Health Check, which includes a Site Audit Report, can address these issues.

Positive outcomes


The IT Health Check often results in several positive outcomes:

  • It can help you understand and better manage your IT budget
  • It will result in an asset management list, which is can be particularly helpful as you’ve probably bought a range of business software and hardware over time.

Having a better understanding of your IT assets can help with making rapid IT decisions.

Outsourcing companies often provide certified technical specialists to carry out free a site overview of all your IT, including checking out the efficiency of your hardware and network infrastructure, cabling, network equipment, remote access, servers, workstations, software and any ancillary devices.

It’s also worth taking the opportunity to review your security risks. The decision on what kind of risk assessment needed can depend on the size of your organisation.

So, having a free IT health check is a great place to start to determine whether a more in-depth assessment is needed.

An IT health check can also help your business keep up with the rapidly changing world of technology.

This may not only save you money as many of the latest technologies have dropped in price in recent years but also help you make the right buying decisions in the future.

It also can give you peace of mind that you may already be getting the most out of the technology you have already purchased.

Does your organisation have formal IT policies?


You can take this opportunity to review your policies or in many cases recognise the need to implement IT policies to make your procedures transparent to all staff.

Does your staff use their own mobile devices for business purposes? If so, you must have a clear Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy to ensure there is no security risk but also address privacy issues surrounding sensitive information.

You must ensure this type of sensitive information, including human resources information, health information, financial information, client and marketing lists are protected if available on personal devices.

Having an IT health check is provided free, with no obligation to purchase any service or product. However, if you decide to implement any of the immediate, medium or long term recommendations, you can be assured it will significantly boost the IT performance for the organisation.

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