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How do I avoid compatibility issues and keep my software up to date?

Software is often out of date and whenyou complete an upgrade it isn’t always compatible with yourcolleagues’ computers. It’s certainly difficult to keep pace with all the different versions, upgrades, licences and compliance for today’s business software.

Managing your high-value software assets can be difficult for two primary reasons — the increasing complexity of software licensing agreements and the lack of software license management best practices.

Many businesses are trying to manage dozens of software license contracts, which require renegotiation and renewal at various times throughout the year. When these software licensing involves multi-user software it can quickly lead to frustration and worry.

There are serious legal implications of operating unlicensed software.Commercial software licensing remains a complicated issue for many business owners. Unless a business has spent a great deal of time and effort designing and implementing a comprehensive business software asset management plan, the chances are that they are non-compliant in some way.

Many business owners take a casual view of software licensing and perceive the risk of “getting caught” as being low to non-existent. However, the plain fact is that using unlicensed software is a risky practice, which can result in considerable financial consequences.

This is where a secure cloud environment cannot only save you money but enable you to have confidence that you have the right software products to maximise productivity and efficiency.

When your systems are operating in a secure cloud environment the PC only needs to be able to run a browser or a piece of software called a receiver. All other version and compatibility matters are handled at the cloud server level. This means all your staff are using the same versions of software in an appropriately licenced way.

Our team at Microsolve can provides a complete and comprehensive service to manage the software lifecycle covering every aspect from needs analysis and evaluation through to purchasing, licencing, review and upgrade planning. Combining this with cloud computing and you are on your way to success.

If you are interested in the above information and would like to improve your software situation, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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