Are you worried about your onsite servers?

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Having a server on site worries me.


While the majority of people use at least one cloud based application in their personal life, such as Facebook, Hotmail, or an online banking portal, there is still some confusion around the benefits and perceived drawbacks of using cloud computing for business.

The good thing about cloud computing and cloud storage is that it is invisible; with no physical presence, it doesn’t take up valuable space in the office.

There’s also the issue of fire or flooding with many small business owners locating their on-site server in the basement or other remote location.

While some owners believe on-site servers provide higher security, they also have a number of drawbacks including a potentially high purchase cost, high power consumption, air conditioning, security and ongoing maintenance costs.

Cloud provides fast and efficient deployment, low initial investment and can be infinitely expanded, as well as providing instant access to your data anytime, anywhere there is an Internet connection.

With cloud authorised employees can access all data and applications from any device, anywhere. This opens up great opportunities to have mobile workers and also reduces the capital and maintenance for a business to spend valuable capital on servers and PCs as perhaps tablets and the cloud funded from Opex are more appropriate.

If you are concerned about moving away from traditional “on-premise” servers Microsolve provides another solution.

Microsolve offers to house your physical server in our managed datacentre space allowing you to leverage our infrastructure and technical expertise but still get the rest of the life out of your capital asset. Perhaps at the end of the life of your server the time will be right to move to cloud computing and not start another capital cycle.

Your data and email would always be backed-up as part of the service and again the Microsolve support centre technical experts are there to resolve any issues staff encounter.

If you are interested in the above information and would like to speed up your system, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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