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Here are 3 Key Design Elements that should be considered to make a first good impression of your business to help convert more leads. 

1. User Friendly Navigation Simple Layout

Usability is one of the most important factors on your website to keep the web visitors engaged and finding what they need in the shortest amount of time to stop them from leaving. You first must think from a client's point of view and determine how your web pages flow and connect. You could have the most elaborately built website with flashy pictures but there is no point unless it is intuitive and provides easy navigation for the end user.

Do you have a user friendly, simple website layout?

2. Specific Call to Actions (CTA's)

Early on in the website strategy planning phase, time should be allocated to determining "call to actions" that appeal to your audience and goals of each single web page. The aim is to appeal to every buyer no matter where they are in the decision making process. The call to action buttons will give your potential buyers the next step in the buying journey. In order to cover wider ranges of buyers you should incorporate different kinds of call to actions. For example you could offer a free information pack, the ability to sign up to you email correspondence or a free consultation. With the aim to gain trust and nurture the web visitor into a potential lead.

The call to action elements featured throughout your website should stand out and be obvious to encourages the visitors to click and interact with the website.

Are your call to action buttons converting leads?

3. The About Us Page

For small business this is especially important to tell the users who you are. The about us page should give the user some insight of who you are what value you can add. It is also good to outline your organisation values, vision and mission. To create further engagement from the user you can incorporate team photos and may also incorporate social media profiles for your company and related pages. 

Does your About Us page convey your organisations values vision and mission?

If you answered 'No' to any of the above questions or would like a review of your website design elements to increase help leads & website engagement, please contact us for a free review of your website design.


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