How do I choose an outsourced IT partner?

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Welcome to our 4-part series on the Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT. In this four-part series we will look at:

  1. What to ask yourself before making any decisions
  2. When is the right timing for outsourcing your IT?
  3. What are the advantages of outsourcing to an IT services company?
  4. How to choose the right IT Outsource provider.

In part four of our series Benefits of Outsourcing my IT we look at how to choose the right partner for a successful outsourced IT service.

There are several things to consider when it comes to deciding which company could be relied on to look after your IT – often the lifeblood of keeping your business running smoothly.

  • Are the services offered suitable for your business?
  • Have they got good client references?
  • Do they have guaranteed response times?
  • Do they employ qualified and certified local employees?
  • Are there any hidden costs?
  • Do they offer systems for reporting and maintenance?

One of the best ways to ensure a third party provider is suitable is to look for client testimonials and references and ask for case studies.

Also, ask if there are fixed price contracts to give you peace of mind knowing exactly what you will pay and exactly the service level you will receive.

Some providers even apply commercial penalties for outages – try that with your own internal staff.

For smaller companies, outsourcing IT allows you to pay for specialists for a flat fee pricing or pay only when you need them.

For medium and larger companies, a third party IT company may offer a monthly flat fee payment through a Managed Service Agreement, which includes hardware, software, infrastructure, networking, communications and support, which means that your IT can be partially or fully outsourced.

If you are planning to outsource your IT services, it is recommended going with a company that is based in the same country in which you operate.

Although there are talented IT professionals across the world, there are linguistic as well as logistical advantages to working with a company that shares your native tongue – and your business hours.

At the end of the day what can be achieved by outsourcing your all-important IT? - Peace of mind!


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