Don't Wait for Disaster to Strike: How to Prepare Your Business Now

It’s one of those things we really don’t want to think about, however ensuring your business can keep operating in the event of a crisis or natural disaster is vital.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: Why You Need a Plan

Business continuity or continuance planning is the development of a plan to help you prepare for, and continue operating after, a crisis or incident.

Having an emergency plan in place for your business to prepare for and recover after an incident or crisis can help you:

  • Identify possible risks and situations that may arise;
  • Prepare yourself for risks that are outside of your control; and
  • Respond to and recover should an incident or crisis occur.

Although you can never predict every kind of crisis or incident that might threaten your business, you can identify the main ones and put plans in place for those.

Your business continuity plan should be reviewed annually to ensure it stays relevant and updated.

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Microsolve has trained consultants with the experience to help you with risk identification and business continuity planning whilst our technical team can help implement any technology requirements to support your business continuity efforts.

How to Develop Effective Disaster Recovery Policies and Procedures

Disaster Recovery (DR) goes hand in hand with Business Continuity Planning. DR is the set of policies and procedures you set in place to ensure your vital technology infrastructure and systems can continue in the event of a disaster.

Our trained and experienced consultants can help you develop your Disaster Recovery policies and procedures as well as support your efforts at implementing those policies and procedures. Contact us today to review your needs and identify a way forward.

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