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If your email management is starting to drain your resources and require more technical expertise, then perhaps it’s time to find a new solution.

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Microsolve Email Management

Expert Email Management

Microsolve’s Premium Email Services allow you to access all of the features of the highly acclaimed Microsoft Exchange Online Service without the cost of implementing and managing your own email infrastructure.

Support is provided for accessing email via the Microsoft Outlook client, Outlook Web Access and a wide range of mobile devices.

Incoming email is scanned for viruses and messages identified as spam are removed ensuring the email that reaches the customer's mailbox is virus free.

Throw in the option of customisable, policy based signature panels and this becomes a must have for your business communications.

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How We Help

Our expertise in email systems and management enables us to provide a comprehensive, reliable and feature laden email solution for you.

How Microsolve Helps

Cyber Security Training for Email Management - Microsolve
Cyber Security Training

The biggest cyber risk for businesses is email, so beyond necessary automated scans, employees must identify spear-phishing versus whaling attacks and take proper action.

Strengthen Cyber Security
Immutable Mailbox Archive for Email Management - Microsolve
Immutable Mailbox Archive

Our archiving solution addresses inbox frustration by securely storing all emails in an immutable AWS cloud archive, enabling fast searches and easy compliance.

Streamline Mailbox Archiving
Signature Management for Email Management Solutions } Microsolve
Signature Management

Streamline your email branding with our automated signature solution, enabling easy design and scheduling of signatures for different teams and seasons, applied consistently across all devices.

Optimise Email Signatures
Enhanced Message Filtering for Email Management - Microsolve
Enhanced Message Filtering

Microsoft 365 provides a solid foundation, but Microsoft Defender for Office 365 adds essential security for growing organizations, enhancing email filtering, compromised account detection, and protection across SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office apps.

Enhanced Message Filtering

Service Options

Service Area Foundation Foundation + Comprehensive
Licenses Supported
M365 Exchange Online (P1 or P2)      
M365 Business Basic / Standard / Premium      
M365 Enterprise Plan 1, Plan 3 or Plan 5      
M365 Frontline Worker Plan 1 or Plan 3      
Commercial or NFP      
Monthly Commitment with Consolidated Invoice      
Vendor (Microsoft) Support Only      
Initial Mailbox Creation      
Enable and Manage Security Baseline      
Security Governance Reporting and Drift Correction      
Management of Mailbox Add/Remove/Update      
Management of Service Status + Alerting      
Management of Security Alerts + Incidents      
Optional Add-Ons
Enhanced Message Filtering Opt Opt Opt
Cyber Security Training Videos + Phishing Simulation   Opt Opt
Signature Management (Platform and client independent) Opt  Opt Opt
Immutable Mailbox Archive Opt Opt Opt


Professional Solutions We Offer

Microsolve's email management solutions include:

Microsolve Stay Mobile
Stay Mobile

Support for a wide range of mobile devices

Microsolve Flexible Access
Flexible Access

Easy-to-use web and mobile access options available

Microsolve Great Protection
Great Protection

Integrated anti-virus and anti-spam to keep your communications secure

Microsolve Solid Security
Solid Security

Servers located in a secure data centre in Australia

Microsolve Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration

Integrate with the customers' existing Active Directory to allow seamless access and administration of accounts

Microsolve Flexible Pricing
Flexible Pricing

Per user or bundled options available

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As an IT Outsourcing partner, Microsolve offers managed email systems, providing reliable and secure email services, including custom hosting, spam filtering, archiving, backup services, email migration, integration, and training.