Protect Your Business from Disaster with Microsolve's Backup and Recovery Solutions

It's one of the worst nightmares a business can face — lack of a working backup plan or failure of a backup and data recovery plan.

Don't Risk Losing Your Business Data

Your business not only needs to ensure that you are actually backing up your data, but that that backup plan is actually working. When last did you recover data from your backup system to check it is actually working?

Microsolve can help you with the onerous task of managing your backups and ensuring they work if they are ever needed. Whether your business needs to backup individual laptops and computers or servers; or remotely manage and monitor the machines being backed up.

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No business wants to reach the critical point in which the failure of your data backup plan causes a major disruption to business and the loss of company data. To ensure this doesn't happen to you, make sure you know every detail of your backup system and regularly test whether it is working. If in doubt, Microsolve can help you work it out.

Cloud vs. Hosted Backup: Which One Will Keep Your Data Safe?

From restoring a single file to a complete "bare metal" recovery, Microsolve can help you identify what the best back-up solution is for your business and help you both implement and manage the back-up process. Our team are able to work with a range of operating systems and can even get you back up and running if you suffer from the failure of your physical hardware.

Two of our more popular back-up options are:

  • Cloud backup; and
  • Hosted backup.
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The Benefits of Cloud Backup and Recovery for Your Business

There is still some confusion around the benefits and perceived drawbacks of using cloud computing for business.

Microsolve believes cloud backup offers a secure storage, backup and recovery of your files and applications and other types of data.

Cloud backup and data recovery also provides instant access to your data anytime, anywhere there is an Internet connection.

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Microsolve's Hosted Server: the Ultimate Solution for Data Security.

However, if you are still a little wary of security, another option to consider is moving all data and applications to a Microsolve hosted server.

Under this scenario authorised employees can access all data and applications from any device, anywhere. This opens up great opportunities to have mobile workers and also reduces the capital and maintenance required for PCs as perhaps tablets are appropriate.

Your data and email would always be backed-up as part of the service and again the Microsolve support centre technical experts are there to resolve any issues staff encounters.

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