Hassle-free Server Management: Let Microsolve Take Care of Your Infrastructure

Managing your critical infrastructure can be a costly and time consuming challenge for your IT department. Data loss, poor server performance and security issues can all negatively impact your bottom line. That's not your only challenge, even if you aren't investing in new technology; the chances are some of your competitors are!

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Expert Server Management by Certified Engineers

Let Microsolve take away the pain of managing your own infrastructure, freeing up time for your team to focus on other priorities. We can help you ensure your servers are monitored, fully secure, and backed up 24/7, 365 days a year. Our engineers are certified and undergo continuous training and education on all the latest server products and technologies.

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Microsolve are trained to work with physical, virtual or cloud servers and will help you monitor and optimise performance, and resolve server issues.

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Easily manage your budget with our fixed pricing plans - no more unexpected bills

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Microsolve Server Management

Reduce downtime & improve uptime by monitoring, detecting and resolving service issues

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Keep your servers up-to-date by applying software and hardware updates timeously

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Microsolve Platform Monitoring

Boost performance with real time platform monitoring to manage capacity and server performance

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Protect your data with solid back-ups and data recovery processes

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Our support includes:

  • In-house technical specialists trained in system management, networking and hosting;
  • Established Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for services supplied;
  • Issue logging and tracking;
  • Server load balancing for performance management of critical business applications;
  • Contingency procedures and management;
  • Server monitoring such as:
    • Server activity;
    • Disk usage;
    • CPU utilisation; and
    • Networking activity.
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