Streamline Your Communications with a Cloud Based Phone System

Microsolve's hosted phone system is aimed for small to medium businesses and eliminates the need for traditional in-office PABX systems, reducing call rate costs, hardware and maintenance costs.

All your business requires is IP-enabled phones, and a suitable broadband connection.

Is Your Business Falling Behind Due to Your Outdated Phone System?

An outdated phone system can result in:
• Lower productivity
• Missed business opportunities
• Lost customers
• Lost employee talent
• Increased risk
• Increased administration overhead

Remote Working

Ensure you will never miss an important business call and be more productive by enabling flexible working.

The solution being delivered from the cloud will enable you to grow or reduce the number of users simply, and give you the flexibility to offer new working practices such as home or mobile working in the future.

Enjoy the Many Advantages of Telephony in the Cloud

Get the Most From Your Budget with Hosted Business Phone Services

No Capital Expenditure
The client does not need to use capital to buy onsite PABX hardware, which not only frees up capital for other projects, it also means more floor space and savings in air conditioning and power costs.

With the average industry call rate of 23 cents per minute, we can save you upto 30% of your bill by offering a much cheaper call rate and enhanced service.

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Boost Mobility with a Cloud-Based Phone System

Team Collaboration and Teleconferencing
Cloud based phone system technology also allows teleconferencing between all your workers, regardless of their physical location, without paying for expensive external teleconferencing.

Efficiency Features
Very useful for hospital and health care workers is being able to make phone calls directly from their hand-held device while doing their daily clinical rounds.

PABX Integration
Cloud telephony allows PABX integration with existing applications, including CRM software. When Sales receives a call, the system recognises the number and brings up the customer record, enabling staff to view client details and history during calls, maximising efficiency and improving customer service.

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Maximise Uptime and Minimise Disruptions with Microsolve's Hosted Phone Solutions

As the PABX is not physically located in the office, the risk of fire, flooding or water damage, or theft no longer exists.

One big advantage of cloud-based technology is that in the event of a phone problem, the calls can be automatically diverted extension-by-extension to any other device in a different facility, mobile phone or even your home phone.

Microsolve’s hosted telephony products are housed in geo-redundant secure data centres giving you the highest possible uptime in the face of critical events and natural disasters.

Additionally, Microsolve can offer you services that automatically fail over to the mobile data network to allow your office to continue running without interruption in the event of loss of physical connectivity to your site.

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