Effectively Connect Multiple Locations

How do you connect your multiple practices, office locations or branches so that they can share access to the same IT systems and applications without breaking the bank?

Modern technology offers many new options for connecting multiple sites or office locations at a much cheaper cost than traditional solutions.

Get Your Business Sites Connected

Microsolve can help you plan and implement a site-to-site connectivity solution that takes into account your specific requirements:

  • Secure private communications infrastructure to link your sites and assets;
  • Leverage the most appropriate technology for each site in order to deliver a comprehensive and effective solution;
  • Managed, high performance, high availability site interconnections;
  • Allow staff to move from site to site without needing to re-configure laptops and mobile devices; and
  • Managed access to the internet.
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When your site-to-site connectivity has been well planned, it should be cost effective, secure and most importantly have a failover plan for business continuity.

Microsolve's Site-to-Site Connectivity Solution

Our solution offers:

  • Fully private network infrastructure – not VPN’s;
  • Monitoring of network capacity and performance to ensure the customers network is operating optimally;
  • Optional managed Internet access with basic or advanced firewall and content filtering options for security; and
  • The most appropriate connection at each physical site can be used to ensure best possible performance. Available technologies include copper, fibre and licensed microwave.
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