Simplify Your Multi-Site IT Infrastructure

When your business operates out of multiple locations, your IT systems and processes can become complicated.

This shouldn't have to be the case.

Save time and money with Microsolve solutions.

Boost Productivity Across All Your Locations

Technology is advancing quickly to support a mobile workforce that operates from multiple locations. However, setting up separate infrastructure for each location can be costly and complex, requiring increasing levels of IT skills to manage. Moreover, it is important to ensure seamless communication between different locations.

Microsolve can assist in identifying the most suitable IT solution for your multi-site business or practice. Our technical consultants can assess your current system and recommend ways to improve it with modern technology. This can result in cost savings and improved efficiency for your business.

Boost Productivity

We offer services to help you streamline and centralise your IT, giving your business a competitive edge.

Tailored IT Services for Optimised Multi-Site Business Operations

Microsolve-Managed Site Connectivity
Site-to-Site Connectivity

Microsolve can help you efficiently connect your multiple business locations with a cost-effective site-to-site connectivity solution. Our solution includes secure private communication infrastructure, appropriate technology selection for each site, managed high-performance site interconnections, and staff mobility.

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Cloud with Tick
Cloud Architecture

Cloud computing means accessing, storing, and processing data and applications using remote computers instead of local servers. Microsolve offers cloud-based solutions to reduce IT costs and gain flexibility. Benefits include easy cost management, SLAs, mobile workforce support, and maximum IT usage without heavy investment.

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Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

VPNs allow businesses to securely connect to remote data centres and enable employees to work from anywhere, improving response times and increasing productivity. Microsolve offers a range of remote-access VPN solutions customised for organisations of all sizes, ensuring secure and reliable access to corporate data and applications.

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Centralise Your Operations with Our Expert IT Support Services

Centralising IT can simplify administrative tasks, improve security, and save companies money. Outsourcing to a consulting company with expertise in overseeing all aspects of technology deployment and management can help those without a dedicated IT department. Benefits include better performance, economies of scale, and the opportunity to overhaul working processes.

Research shows aligning IT centralisation with long-term business and IT strategic goals can reduce the cost of delivering IT services by up to 45%. Microsolve offers a complete service for planning and implementing centralised IT needs.

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Streamline Your Business Processes with Our Expert Solutions

Standardising IT procedures can greatly enhance productivity and yield significant benefits for your business. Outdated forms, software, and equipment can lead to errors and IT problems, particularly in multi-site environments where IT infrastructure is not uniform.

As technology evolves, older systems can become obsolete, so it is important to have standardised processes in place to ensure consistency and efficiency. We can help you identify areas where standardisation can improve your IT systems, files, and processes, increasing productivity and streamlining your business operations.

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Stay Connected with Cloud Services

Cloud technology ensures that all employees have the same access to up-to-date software and files, which improves training, data sharing, and job sharing. Automatic updates on all devices are essential for file sharing between head office and remote locations.

Cloud-based administration simplifies remote management of configuration, inventory, licensing, security, and compliance. This can be done from the data centre, which streamlines administration and reduces costs.

Mobile devices can securely access company applications and data from anywhere, which increases productivity. Remote workstations and mobile devices can easily access data stored on the server, and wiping data stored on lost, stolen, or retired mobile devices is an added bonus of using this technology.

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