Maximize Your IT Budget with Microsolve’s Procurement Solutions

We are committed to ensuring our IT consultants recommend technologies that are best for your needs, right for your business and reflect your budget considerations.

Let Us Take Care of Your Hardware and Software Acquisitions

Our services range from managing software vendor service contracts to defining, costing and executing scheduled hardware and component replacement programs.

Microsolve’s procurement services cover acquisitions of server infrastructure, networking and personal systems through to more general hardware and software.

Indeed, we can even provide your business a customised procurement portal complete with stock tracking on your most common purchases!

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We will manage the entire process from product selection through each stage of the lifecycle all the way through to purchasing the replacement equipment at the end of the current lifecycle.

Software Procurement

Microsolve provides a complete and comprehensive service which manages every aspect of the software lifecycle.

This enables you to have confidence that you have the right products in the right places and for the right price.

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Hardware Procurement

Effective technology procurement requires specific experience and skills.

Microsolve’s Hardware Lifecycle Management product is designed to provide customers with the most appropriate and competitively priced products.

Microsolve specialises in managing hardware inventory, tracking the equipment’s age, useful life, warranty status, vendor and repair history.

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