Dale Jenkins

Microsolve's Founder, Owner, and CDO: Driving Innovation and Growth

Dale Jenkins is the founder, owner, and Chief Development Officer (CDO) of Microsolve, Australia's leading IT services provider. With over 30 years of experience, Dale has been instrumental in Microsolve's growth, transforming it into a top outsourcing partner for Australian SMEs.

Dale Jenkins, Microsolve Founder, Owner & Chief Development Officer

A Wealth of IT Experience and Expertise

Dale's extensive background in the IT industry spans corporate and government sectors in Australia. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Engineering from the University of Wollongong. He is certified in various technologies, including Amazon AWS, Cisco, Citrix, Nortel, Novell, Microsoft, VMWare, and Wyse (Dell) product lines.

Leadership in Corporate Governance

Graduating from the Australian Institute of Company Directors course, Dale actively seeks appointments to advisory and governance boards, showcasing his commitment to ethical business practices and corporate excellence.

Dale's Focus Areas for Microsolve's Growth

Dale is dedicated to driving Microsolve's success through three primary areas:

  • Design and Development: Dale is committed to creating new products, maintaining technical excellence, and shaping the company's strategy. His innovative approach ensures Microsolve stays ahead in the competitive IT landscape.
  • Strategic Acquisitions: As part of the "Grow the Business" organisational strategy, Dale is responsible for assessing and executing potential acquisitions and expanding Microsolve's reach and capabilities.
  • Microsolve's Management Toolset: Dale leads the continuous development and integration of Microsolve's ERP toolset, providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to the needs of Australian SMEs.

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