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As we all start to plan for next year I would like to outline what to focus on when creating digital marketing strategy for 2015.

To help you I have highlighted 5 focus areas to consider when devising next years digital marketing plan.

1. Multiple Platforms

How does your website look on all devices?

There are some stunning statistics that up to 60% of all online web traffic is coming from mobile devices including iphone, ipad and android devices.

2. Content

Do you have a content strategy?

Creating quality content that engages customers and keeps them returning to your website is key to driving your online marketing initiatives. Whether the content is an info-graphic, video, blog post, press release or a basic article it's one of the most important ingredients of a digital strategy that your organisation can produce.

3. Actionable

Do you have specific call to action page elements that speak to users?

Most, if not all your website content should have a call to action (CTA) button to assist with converting your website visitors into leads and then clients. A call to action button is a specific instruction on a page to the potential customer to generate an immediate response.

See the below examples of CTAs.

  • Click here to grab a spot
  • Get Started Today
  • Save Your Seat!
  • Learn more now.
  • Join our event.
  • Visit us today.
  • Call now.

4. Visible

Is your website optimised for search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an important hot topic and is recommended as part of your digital marketing plan. The main reason SEO needs to be considered is that regardless of how good your website is developed and designed, if search engines don't rank your site well for relevant key phrase its money wasted and the website may as well not exist.

5. Measurable

Does each of your website pages have a goal?

Defining and tracking goals on your website will allow you to realise the effectiveness of your website. Once the goals are setup you will be able to determine the overall effectiveness of your online marketing strategy.
Is your goal to build an engaged community, increase any of the following metrics?

  • mail out subscribers,
  • page reads,
  • use of contact forms,
  • e-commerce product sales,
  • social media share,
  • time spend on your site?

Once goals are defined you can start to put a dollar value on the goal and work out the actual return on investment (ROI) your website delivers to your organisation, which is always an excellent justification metric to show to the executive team.

Finally, although there are so many components to a digital marketing strategy I hope the above will assist with creating your organisations 2015 strategy.

If your organisation needs further assistance creating and implementing your digital strategy, call us today.


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