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What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

A very popular Managed Network Service is the virtual private network. A virtual private network (VPN) is a group of computers (or a discrete network) connected together by establishing a secure encrypted tunnel across the internet. This enables businesses to securely connect to remote data centres or to allow their employees to remotely connect to the physical network of their workplace. The greatest benefit of using a VPN is that it allows you to cost-effectively and securely extend the reach of your network to staff who are anywhere at anytime.

Using a VPN to solve the problem of remote-access connectivity because they allow:

  • Secure communications with access rights tailored to your individual users (for example your employees, contractors, or partners);
  • Extension of your corporate network and applications thereby enhancing productivity; and
  • Increased flexibility of your IT system whilst reducing communications costs.

Gain productivity improvements with a remote-access VPN

Using a VPN for your business will allow your employees greater work flexibility.

They enable employees to work anytime and anyplace essentially enabling your team to take their office anywhere they go, thereby improving response times and enabling work without the interruptions of their physical office environment. VPN also offer a good solution to the question of site-to-site connectivity for remote office locations or when you have multiple sites. They enable you to have your system centrally located but accessible anywhere securely.

VPNs can also enable you to offer contractors, partners or suppliers with limited network access as needed, such being able to access specific servers, intranets or files which they are allowed access to. This enables you to extend the network access they need to increase your productivity without compromising on your network security.

Microsolve offers a variety of remote-access VPN solutions customized for small, medium-sized, and large organizations and can even help you make those daunting technology decisions such as whether to go with an IPsec or a SSL VPN. We can design, build and run a dynamic IT infrastructure for you that’s efficient, scalable and extremely flexible.

Secure reliable access

Microsolve will provide your business requirements of secure, reliable access to corporate data and applications to almost any device anywhere in the world, while housing your data and applications in a secure data centre. We offer full access to our 24//7 support services and will provide you with a team member to assist you to quickly and proactively maintain your infrastructure. 

Fully Private Networks

Although VPNs offer a secure environment to connect your mobile workforce, you may want just that little extra peace of mind. Upgrading your solution to a fully private network can allay those last few niggling doubts around using VPNs.

A fully private network will enable you to use your own connections as opposed to using an encrypted tunnel across the internet, taking your level of security to new level. This is a great solution for organisations that operate out of multiple locations.

One of the biggest benefits of using a fully private network is that all your network IP addresses will be within your network as opposed to being public IP addresses available to the outside world.
Mobility VPN

Using a fully private network can improve productivity even further by ensuring that all network resources can be more directly and efficiently accessed by your employees.

Find the right solution for remote-access for your organisation today. Contact us to discuss your needs.




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