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What is an MSP?

An MSP model is a framework or structure that outlines how IT services are delivered, billed and reported on by a provider. It's critical to make an informed choice as to which solution will best serve your unique needs. 

Navigating the Managed Service Providers (MSPs) world can be challenging for any business. In this digital transformation era, understanding the service models used by MSPs and their implications is no longer a luxury but an absolute necessity. 

When exploring MSP models, it's crucial to consider how they match your business demands and objectives. Let's dive deeper into understanding these models and how Microsolve fits in. 


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Overview of MSP Models

Whilst the universe of MSP models is vast, all offerings will generally fit into one of the following four categories:

Do & Charge - this is a traditional form of support where you pay for the services performed hourly. Think of it as calling a plumber when there's a leak; you pay for the service provided as and when required.

Pre-Paid Blocks of Hours - is akin to buying a voucher for future use. You purchase a set number of hours in advance and use them as required for IT support services. It's a 'bank' of support hours at your disposal.

Retainer - involves a contract where you retain the services of an MSP for a fixed period and cost. It's like having an in-house IT team without the overheads.

Service Base - (often called managed services) is a contracted offer covering a pre-defined set of IT services, each with a specific set of agreed delivery targets. It's like an all-you-can-eat set-menu buffet, where a known fee covers your IT needs.

As you peruse these models, consider which fits your business best and where Microsolve's offering aligns.


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Pros and Cons of Each MSP Model 

Choosing the right MSP model depends on understanding the benefits and drawbacks each presents.

'Do & Charge' offers flexibility as you pay per use. However, costs can become unpredictable, especially during IT emergencies, and there is rarely any guarantee that resources will be available when needed.

'Pre-Paid Blocks of Hours' provides some predictability, as you buy hours in advance. However, unused hours generally expire, potentially leading to wasted resources.

A 'Retainer' ensures professional IT support is available, providing stability. However, as your needs change, you may pay for services you only partially utilise.

The 'Service Base' model provides defined IT support for a known monthly fee, simplifying budgeting and ensuring that resources are available.

Considering the pros and cons, consider how these models align with your business requirements and where Microsolve's services fit. 

Overview of MSP's


Overview of MSPs

Consider how these models align with your business requirements and where Microsolve fits.


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Microsolve's MSP Model 

Microsolve combines the best aspects of the above MSP models to structure a service offering specific to the businesses they cater for. This strategy enables Microsolve to provide a robust and comprehensive service to its clients without compromising the quality or range of its offerings.

The effectiveness of Microsolve's MSP model lies in its flexibility and adaptability, combined with a commitment to delivering high-quality IT services tailored to each client's specific needs. Understanding your business needs is crucial when navigating MSP models, and Microsolve's comprehensive approach could be the perfect fit.

Selecting the right MSP model is a vital decision for your business. It can significantly influence your IT operations and the company's growth and success. This journey involves understanding the available models, their pros and cons, and evaluating how they align with your unique business needs. 

Choosing the right MSP model is crucial for your business. It greatly impacts IT operations, growth, and success. Understand the available models, their advantages and disadvantages, and evaluate their alignment with your unique business needs.


Microsolve's flexible and adaptive approach stands out in the MSP landscape, catering to diverse business requirements. Whether a small start-up or a well-established corporation, Microsolve is dedicated to helping you find your perfect MSP model fit. 

We invite you to contact Microsolve for further advice and support. Navigating MSP models doesn't have to be daunting – let Microsolve guide you to an IT future that aligns with your business vision and ambitions. Your perfect MSP fit is just a conversation away.

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